Linda Gadbois

Linda has pursued a lifetime journey into the creative realm of the imagination and developed the ability to bring an idea into fruition as a visible reality.
She started drawing and painting as a young child, and progressively developed her unique style as a spiritual journey into the deeper mysteries that underlie and are infused in the material realm, whose form is felt and experienced, rather than viewed, and rises spontaneously in the imagination while contemplating natural laws of the cosmos.

In the studio painting   

The work of an artist throughout a lifetime undergoes many stages and transformation that’s a form of natural growth as an evolutionary flow. While the signature-style of the artist remains consistent, the subject matter and approach one takes, may change considerably.

Linda’s artistic path began as a child, and has evolved through three distinct phases and subject matter, as a natural progression of one naturally forming out of and including the previous one. She began painting landscapes out of a natural love for Nature, then evolved to wildlife, which then moved into a series of angelic figures that came as a form of inspired intuition, which further evolved into what she now calls “visionary art”. Her visionary pieces came as a result of her spiritual studies and the symbolic imagery as imaginary ideas that embody whole ideas as a composite image, where every single aspect and attribute is meaningful and conveys an important aspect of a greater idea.

Linda Gadbois painting "Season's"   

Visionary Work

This evolutionary flow of a purely artistic endeavor, took her from composing what you might call “cool pictures” that honed her skills, to more of an ability to “tune-into” ideas while contemplating cosmic laws, in which whole images come to mind as complete and detailed form, and all she had to do was execute them while maintaining their integrity. Each image of her Visionary collection as a composition is intuitive in nature, and contains layers of meaning that require individual interpretation. In this manner, the imagery serves to stimulate an inner awakening in the viewer as an “experience”.

Having worked as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator for years, Linda works proficiently in a variety of mediums which include graphite, colored pencil, pastel, watercolor, oil and acrylic paint, though most of her current work is acrylic on canvas.

She originally pursued an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design, and owned and operated a Design Firm from 1990 to 1999, where she moved out of the commercial realm and into fine art.
Linda’s work has evolved through varies stages and subject matter, and most of her newer work is a combination of all previous stages as a form of “visionary art”, painted primarily in large format.
Linda also works professionally as a consultant for Personal and Professional Development, and Integrative Mind-Body Medicine, and Spiritual Transformation. She provides professional training and classes for mind development, personal skills, communication skills, Spiritual Sciences and Integrative Therapies.

College Education:
• Associate’s degree Graphic Design
• Bachelor of Science in Clinical Hypnotherapy
• Doctorate in Spiritual (Esoteric) Sciences (Transpersonal Psychology and Healing Arts)
• 1 year in traditional Psychology
• 2 years in Naturopathic Medicine