Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.


“I find Linda’s work very inspiring and I meditate to her art and it has greatly influenced my spiritual journey into the secrets arts” – John Warren


“Linda’s a master of color and her pieces are vibrant and her imagery striking” – Lisa Cummings


“Every time I look at one of Doc’s pictures, I see something entirely different. It’s as if they are alive and constantly communicating in new ways based on my mood and attitude when viewing them” – Mike Reynolds


“Linda’s use of color is stunning! And the way she handles her subject is remarkable”  Nancy Wilson


“As I look at her paintings my imagination comes alive and whole stories evolve out of the imagery. It’s very stimulating and thought provoking”  Dave Palmer


“She explained the significance of the imagery to me once, and it made my mind begin soaring with possibilities. What a fabulous imagination she has”  Steven Downs


“Her work uses symbolism to tell whole stories, and every time I view a piece, a different story seems to emerge! Her ability to communicate spiritual wisdom in imagery is amazing!”  Paula Maze


“I feel intuitively drawn into her paintings and my mind gets lost in an array of ideas that start running through my mind. Her imagination acts to stimulate my imagination with the same ideas and I enter into a whole new world of possibilities!”   John Ward


“Amazing! that’s all I can say, absolutely amazing!”  Brenda Wright